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Margaret and David McCarthy

While attending a community event, Dave McCarthy heard testimonials from local organizations about how they benefit from the support they receive from Racine Community Foundation. He found those presentations interesting and informative. However, when individuals who directly benefit from those organizations spoke, his full attention was captured. "To hear individuals talk about how they were helped was moving," Dave said.

Transplants from the east coast, Dave and his wife are always looking for ways they can be helpful to their new community. One of those ways was to establish The Margaret and David McCarthy Fund - an Acorn Fund that is building into a donor-advised fund. "We're very interested in supporting health - particularly mental health initiatives - as well as the arts," Dave said, adding, "We like the idea of giving input on the use of our funds."
- Margaret and David McCarthy

Who is the Racine Community Foundation
The Racine Community Foundation is proud to continue its partnership with Kids First. Over the years, grants have supported activity-based supplemental programming, including book clubs aimed at expanding reading and second language skills, outdoor programs directed toward environmental awareness, and artist-in-residence programs in the arts and sciences.

Partnership Growth + Asset Growth = Increased Community Impact

The Foundation recently achieved a milestone in market value by surpassing the $40 million dollar mark for the first time in our history, a trajectory we have been on since the first days of the Foundation. Asset growth increases the Foundation's ability to support local non-profits that look to the Foundation to help them meet their organizations' objectives.

There is little reason for a foundation to exist if not for the partnerships that are forged between committed individuals and organizations that dedicate themselves to improving lives and institutions within its community. All of Racine Community Foundation's research and resources are focused on finding ways to support the work of others who endeavor to make a difference. The Foundation supports collaboration across all sectors by awarding grants that strengthen and honor partnerships, connect community partners, and provide and encourage networking opportunities that enhance the work of all.


The Racine Community Foundation is proud to represent Racine County in what is considered to be the fastest growing sector in philanthropy today - public foundations. Such a distinction demands a high degree of expertise and accountability. With an all-volunteer Board of Directors and a dedicated staff, we wear many hats.

  • We provide a charitable base for donors who choose the Racine Community Foundation to rigorously, but prudently, manage their gifts. With us, donors can create funds that immediately address needs in our community, or establish legacy funds that serve the community in perpetuity.
  • We award grants from charitable fund earnings to support non-profit community programs, projects and scholarships.
  • We initiate and lead conversations regarding needs in our community and act as an information resource and network hub for community non-profits.