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Town of Norway
"Our community needed an investment vehicle that could benefit our town for years to come. The Racine Community Foundation has an excellent track record of wise investments. We've seen what grants can do for a community and we wanted to be able to do that for ourselves."
- Jean Jacobson,
Town of Norway Chairperson
The Women's Resource Center in Racine
The Women's Resource Center knew the value of keeping its investments in a local foundation that has earned the respect of our community and has a trusted history of commitment to Racine's growth, health and safety. This partnership allows the Women's Resource Center to be seen as a critical service to the community and increases our visibility to other funders and donors.
- Cherie Griffin, Executive Director
Women's Resource Center


The Racine Community Foundation provides investment services and supports long-range financial sustainability, providing the kind of financial expertise needed by many non-profit organizations. With this support, non-profits are able to respond to current community needs, but also work toward fulfilling their mission in the future.


Upon written request from your organization's President or Treasurer, fund distribution to your organization can be made on an annual basis in accordance with the Racine Community Foundation's Spending Policy. Currently, the available distribution amount is equal to 5% of the average market value of the organization fund's previous 12 quarters.


The Racine Community Foundation will charge a reasonable annual fee against your Organization Endowment to cover administrative expenses related to your fund. As of this writing, the annual fee is one-percent of the fund balance. The fee is prorated and charged monthly. The amount of the fee each month is based on the average daily balance of the fund.

Additionally, out-of-pocket expenses directly attributable to the creation or operation of the fund will be assessed against the Organization Endowment Fund.


By their nature, community non-profit organizations tend to operate with limited resources, including small staffs, tight budgets and full workloads. The Racine Community Foundation is a critical partner in the network of Racine community non-profits who rely on the Foundation to professionally manage their endowment funds. We simplify the workload for non-profit organizations and help you focus your efforts on what is most important: helping the community.

Establishing an Organization Endowment Fund

Placing your organization's endowment fund with the Racine Community Foundation is one more way to put your non-profit in the public eye and inform prospective donors that your organization plans for the future. Your Board of Directors can establish an organization endowment fund in just a few simple steps. Contact our Executive Director at: 262-632-8474.


With judicious care, the Foundation works to maximize investments and ensure stable, dependable income for its community partners. Endowed funds can be established with a minimum $10,000 investment. Once established, donations to organization endowments are accepted at any time.

When donors send contributions to your Organization Endowment Fund, the Foundation will send the donor an acknowledgement and the gift will be tracked in our accounting system. We also send notice of the gift to your organization.

Sample Organization Endowment Agreement