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Attach the following documents:
  • Fiscal Sponsorship Certification Form (if you are not tax exempt)
  • If relevant, two (2) estimates for any purchase and repair over $500
  • Detailed project / program budget
  • Detailed agency budget for current year
  • Current financial statements (balance sheet and operating statement)
  • Current list of Board of Directors
  • Copy of the Internal Revenue Service ruling or determination letter of status under section 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the IRS Code
  • ("Control" click for multiple documents. File types allowed: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf)

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If you are not tax exempt, you must complete and attach the Fiscal Sponsorship Certification Form
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List other groups addressing the same or related objectives and the extent of
your collaboration with them:

Describe your Project / Program evaluation plan. Be very specific about who will evaluate it, the expected completion dates for the objectives and the criteria for judging success:
How will your organization publicize RCF as a funding source?
(i.e. web site, press releases, brochures, etc.)

If the Project / Program is ongoing, please identify future funding sources for succeeding years or the duration of the project:
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We agree to use the funds received as outlined in this grant request.

We agree to include a link to Racine Community Foundation's website from our website within 30 days of receiving the grant.

We agree to list the Racine Community Foundation as a funding source on all printed materials such as flyers, programs, posters, advertisements, press releases, newsletters, brochures, and annual reports.

We agree to list the Racine Community Foundation as a funding source on all forms of social media that we are using such as facebook, twitter, etc.

We agree to include the Racine Community Foundation logo where applicable.

We agree to submit the Follow-up Report by the deadline date which is one month after the project / program is completed.

We agree to submit an accounting of all expenditures.

We agree to provide additional project / program or organization information as requested by the Racine Community Foundation.

By clicking Submit you indicate that you will fully comply with these Terms of Agreement.

Please do not complete this application until you have received notification from the Foundation that your letter of intent has been accepted. Thank you, RCF.