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2018 Grants Awarded:
Total Grants: 574

Total Awards: $3,752,114

By Category:
$    288,222   Arts & Culture
$    658,279   Community
$ 1,518,318   Education
$      55,980   Environment
$    330,124   Health
$    901,191   Human Services

RCF Grant Information
Racine Community Foundation
Racine's Educational Alternative Learning

If your organization is seeking funding from the Racine Community Foundation, please read the Guidelines for Grantseekers entirely and understand the information that is outlined.

If you have any questions please contact Tracy Middlebrook, Program Officer at the Foundation. Tracy can be reached at 262.632.8474 or


The Racine Community Foundation supports projects and programs related to arts and culture, community development, education, the environment, health and human services.

Organizations applying for a grant from the Racine Community Foundation must be not-for-profit with 501(c)(3) status and must have received their tax-exempt determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service. All organizations seeking funding must be located in, or provide services in Racine County.

Beginning in 2017, organizations wishing to apply for a grant from the Racine Community Foundation must first submit a letter of intent (LOI) summarizing their proposal. Letters of intent will be due to the Foundation by January 31st.

RCF helping the needy