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Here are just a few of the estate gifts made to Racine Community Foundation:

  • Alan B. Grossberg Revocable Trust
  • Ilene F. Levin Lifetime Trust
  • Emile H. Mathis II Family Trust
  • Judith Hartig-Osanka Estate
  • Mary V. Wackerhagen Revocable Trust
Racine Community Foundation
Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, Inc. (JA) expanded its programming to 700 students in Western Racine County to provide educational opportunities that broaden knowledge of free enterprise and entrepreneurialism. The program aims to help students learn to recognize and create opportunities, advance the ideals of citizenship and cultivate a sense of economic ownership for Western Racine County while they develop actions steps to achieve life goals. The Leuenberger Family Charitable Fund, a Racine Community Foundation donor-advised fund, has support JA annually since 1998.


"I appreciated the time RCF's Executive Director took to meet with my clients and explain how they can leave a charitable legacy to benefit their community."


Professional Advisors play an important role in people's lives. Whether you are an accountant submitting your client's year-end tax returns, an advisor managing your client's investments or an attorney drafting documents for your client's life estate, the Racine Community Foundation can assist you with the necessary tools to create your clients' legacies.

Since its founding in 1975, the Racine Community Foundation has welcomed donors who seek a dynamic, yet highly respected home for the creation of their personal legacies. They are legacies, large and small, that support programming for education and work preparedness, feed hungry people, shelter the homeless, support environmental initiatives, reduce infant mortality, and bring music to our schools, to name just a few. They are legacies that enhance the quality of life for everyone who lives and works in Racine County.

Financial Planning
You can use a wide range of assets to establish your fund. RCF has the capabilites to process the most complex gifts.

The Racine Community Foundation is available to help you and your clients decide on a meaningful gift that will best benefit them, their heirs, and their community.