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July 2017
The Racine Community Foundation has awarded 86 scholarships totaling $114,265 to Racine County college-bound students for the 2017-2018 academic year.


"I am overwhelmed with gratitude as I look back and reflect on my experiences I had while in New Mexico. I am so thankful to the Racine Community Foundation who made it all possible. I have seen beauty that moved me to tears, I have walked where one of the greatest American artists walked, and I am so enthusiastic to move forward with new artworks inspired by this pilgrimage. Growing up, I would copy O'Keeffe's paintings from calendars and books, but I was able to copy her works from the actual paintings she created! What a privilege it was; my heart and my sketchbook are full. Thank you so much for investing in my artistic growth so I can apply this experience to my creative practice as well as my teaching curriculum and philosophy." - Amanda Kirkman

Racine Community Foundation
Racine Community Foundation Scholarships for Teachers Program
Helping students attend technical colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin and the Nation

Kids First Fund Recipient Comment

"This past December we received a grant from your foundation that we used to help with the expenses of our Holiday Program. Even though Christmas is over I still hear kids talking about the concert and singing their songs. Through these performances the kids learn how to perform, concert etiquette as a member of the audience, concert etiquette on the stage, how to work in large groups, have opportunities to perform solos, and get to experience what it is like to perform for a large group of people. The learning opportunities are endless. Students also recognize their own self-worth as they learn to understand that every voice counts and every voice is important. Thank you again for choosing Dr. Jones School as a recipient of a Kids First Grant."
~ Julie Vodicka, General Music Teacher, Dr. Jones School


Helen Patton Scholarship

This scholarship fund was established in 1990 by Helen Patton, a former Director of Art for the Racine Unified School District. It was established to assist full-time art faculty to continue their education and renewal through study, travel, and contact with professionals outside the immediate environment. Please contact the Racine Community Foundation for more information.

Kids First Fund

Awarding thousands of dollars in annual grants, the Kids First Fund was established in 1994 to provide support for special projects and programs that are designed to enhance the lives and learning experiences of the students and teachers within the Racine Unified School District. Teachers within the Racine Unified School District may request grants for special student projects. A Kids First Advisory Committee, consisting of educators, community and business leaders, reviews applications each spring and fall, and issues grants from the proceeds of Kids First.

School Bell Fund

The Kids First Fund also has administrative oversight of the School Bell Fund, a grant source for teachers that was established in 1995. The purpose of the School Bell Fund is to provide additional aid to teachers in the classroom, and support a variety of projects in the Racine Unified School System. Information regarding both the Kids First Fund and the School bell Fund can be obtained from Racine Unified's Central Office.

Hilda W. Woodruff Memorial Scholarship

The Hilda W. Woodruff Memorial Scholarship was started at the Racine Community Foundation in 2013 by Mrs. Woodruff's daughter. This scholarship is for Racine County faculty currently teaching Pre-K through 8th grade who are interested in furthering their training in Special Education.

Applicant must:
  • Be an educator specifically assigned to Special Education students or in a co-teaching arrangement
  • Attend an accredited college or university to pursue further instruction in the area of Special Education