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In 2017

Grants by Fund Type:
Donor Advised - $991,178
Named - $193,401
Field of Interest - $585,082
Scholarships - $114,265
General - $1357,835
Org. Endowments - $328,060
Designated - $387,202

Jim Small
"RCF enhances the quality of life in the Racine Community, providing stewardship of donor funds. The Foundation provides grants and assistance throughout our community consistent with the wishes of our donors."
- Ted Hart
Growth in Net Assets since 1976
Racine Community Foundation Asset Growth


The assets within the Racine Community Foundation are prudently managed and invested for optimum return in accordance with a written investment policy formally approved by the Board of Directors. The Investment Committee works with professional investment managers to monitor the performance of these investments against appropriate market indices.

The financial statements summarized below have been audited by Wegner CPAs. The complete audited financial statements and copies of our 990 are available upon request by contacting the Foundation office.

Statement of Financial Position

ASSETS 2016   2015
Cash & Short-Term Investment $129,931   $1,727,856
Investments at Market $57,213,904   $51,958,132
Assets Held in Charitable Remainder Trusts $177,945   $189,730
Other Assets $37,076   $37,076
TOTAL ASSETS $57,558,856   $53,912,794
Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses $1,234   $1,966
Liabilities - Organizational Endowments $5,661,442   $7,097,451
Liabilities Under Trust Agreements $0   $0
Total Net Assets $51,896,180   $46,813,377
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $57,558,856   $53,912,794
TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS $2,919,860   $2,327,499
TOTAL GRANTS $1,744,074   $3,017,691